Fastrack Guilt

How many times do we engage in days, weeks or months of self blame for situations in which we should have acted differently?? A part off this analysis also helps us to identify the number off times we feel guilty in retrospect towards others and in retrospect to one’s self !!! The number off others shall in large be greater than your self.   Are these actions the consequences off guilt or is guilt a different concept which most off us are virtually unaware off !!!!
The concept of guilt is simple in which we reexamine our mistake and avoid the same behaviour in the near future. So why the long sleepless nights of retrospecting damaged relationships, fault in our stars and why isn’t life perfect. The sole cause is that we fear guilt we want to avoid it by masking happiness rather than which we should learn and engage in healthy guilt. Healthy guilt will help us fast track our lives by creating a learning process in which we move on after a considerable understanding off our mistakes.
The learning will create happiness off self understanding rather than stand as a punitive action. None off us can be perfect but what we can be is grow towards perfection which can be possible through and only through understanding healthy guilt. It will help us lessen the frequency off blaming others as we move on quickly and take quick reactive actions which will again increase our productivity for the day. So either create a world of burdened self blame or Stay happy !!! Option is for you to check ……

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