Wedding Fever

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Express Yourself.”

August 28th 2012, the most important day of my life as it began a new phase of a formal engagement. I had matured into a woman who was supposed to tie the knot after 10 months and shift base from Bangalore to Ahmedabad. Every day for the next 10 months, early morning butterflies and late night sobbing drama began with a flashback, which was a rolla coasta for the 22 years of my life at my father’s house.  Memories off my school and college days , the family luncheons and shopping time , the summer holidays at my grandmom s house, late night parties, pillow and serious arguments with my siblings and many many more. So i finally decided that my wedding would be a grand affair with everything including clothes to be coordinated. I also contemplated that in my last few days i would leave personally hand written notes acknowledging everything my parents and siblings have sacrificed for me and apologizing for all the stupid fights (it seems stupid now). But, just before a week off my wedding i was diagnosed positive with dengue fever and all my pre decided wedding drama came to an end. The wedding happened as planned on the decided date but i still regret that i left my childhood castle as a patient not as a daughter.


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