The most expensive gift of God, is Mother. The value of which remains fairly under played in most circumstances. We need to spend one day only one with children in sheltered homes waiting to either be adopted by their own biological parents or by a family in which they will find a motherly figure. At these orphanages every child ( in some the number exceeds to a thousand) have only one mother who they can complain to, they take birthday gifts from them and yet how cheerful they appear when we enter their gates and how do we compare that with our own house gates ? The irony is they envy happy homes but inside those live children who if given a chance would want to escape their own mother. They believe that personal growth is hampered by mother’s interference with their choice of decision and yet they forget it was because of their mother’s decision that they are in this world.Well I am not of the opinion that mother’s are always right but we cannot deny that they do know what is right and wrong.

When we dream we wish for it to come true and it does when we say it aloud to our mother. In simple visual language she will always pray for the best of her every child with no given partial conviction to any. She will needless to say hold her head high as she watches her child take on high into this world asking for the best to come upon them, yet fearing the known selfish world. Another irony is that we trust the world more than who we use to call our world, our mother.  When we act in public it is a true reflection of our upbringing, which is taken very personally by every mother. She might be harsh and she might believe in punishment but she is the first to raise us when we fall. We just need to respect this dream and every other dream will fall in place without any fault in our stars. 


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